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Download BitWise 1.7.3   Version History

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Windows Windows 98 or newer

3.32 Mb
Windows 98 or newer

2.83 Mb

Note: BitWise requires msvcp60.dll, which most PCs have. If you use the Zip version and msvcp60.dll is reported missing, download it directly from us here.

Mac OS X 10.4 Universal Binary Mac OS X 10.4 - 10.7

8.34 Mb

Older OS X systems:

OS X 10.3.9

Linux GTK Linux with GTK 2.2+

3.20 Mb


Download the BitWise Routing Server 1.7

The Routing Server allows multiple PCs behind a router to make direct connections. To learn more about the Routing Server, please see our Routing Server Setup Guide.

Windows Windows
98 or newer

363 kb

Mac OS X Mac OS X

1.20 Mb

Linux GTK Linux
GTK 2.2+

1011 kb

Translation Files

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You may also view the Linux or Mac presentations.

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