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  • How does BitWise use encryption and how can I verify it?

  • Can I get a virus by using BitWise?

  • Is BitWise HIPAA compliant?

  • Can the people I talk to get my IP address?

  • Does BitWise have any ads or spyware? (No.)

  • Windows: Why does ZoneAlarm 6 alert me about dangerous behavior?

Personal Keys (BitWise Plus):Program Issues:Connection Issues:Accounts:Contacts:
  • Who is *BitWise*?

  • How do I block users?

  • How do I rename a user to have a more readable name on my contact list?

  • What is a super buddy?

  • How can I meet other users?

  • Can I add my buddies from AIM, ICQ, Yahoo or MSN?

  • How do I add a contact to my contact list?

  • Why can't I highlight text in a conversation?

  • What is grouped conversation view? Can I turn it off?

  • How do I remove the timestamp appearing before each message?

  • How do I remove the message count shown with each message?

  • How do I select a contact icon?

  • Are my font settings seen by or sent to my contacts?

  • Are messages sent through the server encrypted?

  • Mac OS X: Why does the keyboard locale change when I send a message?

Voice Chat:Conferences:
  • Where are the public chat rooms?

  • Is there a limit to how many users can be in a conference?

File Transfers:
  • Do other users have access to my files?

  • Is there a limit as to how many files I can transfer, or how big files can be?

  • What do the numbers mean at the end of my auto-received files?

  • Are file transfers encrypted?

  • Do file transfers or shared file lists get sent through the server?

Offline Messages:
  • How often are offline messages sent via email, if enabled?

  • Why doesn't my 'Messages Sent Today' counter reset at midnight?

  • Why am I not receiving my offline messages via email?

  • How do I send an offline message?

  • If I forward offline messages to email, is my email address revealed? (No.)

Status & Away Messages:
  • What is a custom away message for a single contact/group?

  • What is the profile? How is it different from directory info?

  • What is an extended away message?

  • How do I show my BitWise status on my web site?

Future Features:
  • Will BitWise have emoticons?

  • Will BitWise support web cams?

  • Are you working on a new version?

  • Will you be adding other games to BitWise?

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