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 Direct Connect

 Provides the most secure communication available.

Direct Connection Advantages

Direct connections allow data to travel the shortest distance between computers, giving you faster, more reliable communication. For example, BitWise voice has minimal lag and the highest voice quality, and file transfers are fast and untraceable.

BitWise's exclusive Dual-IP technology allows unprecedented Internet and Intranet connectivity. Messages sent within a LAN never leave the LAN! BitWise Professional offers a VPN mode that helps avoid common VPN connection problems. View our Dual-IP and Intranet Whitepaper (PDF).

Automatic Direct Connection Configuration

Like a magician, BitWise's built-in TCP and UDP "Punching" techniques can automatically connect through many popular home routers. These techniques are safe and secure, and are used in many other popular software programs.

Like a doorman, BitWise's built-in UPnP support for Windows XP allows UPnP-enabled routers to be configured opened and closed for direct connections. UPnP is used by other direct-connect applications such as BitTorrent clients.

To learn more about TCP and UDP punching, we suggest reading this paper.

Manual Direct Connection Configuration

If our automatic methods above don't work for you, it's easy to adjust a firewall or router to use BitWise.

The Routing Server lets many computers sharing a router make direct connections.

Use our Direct Connection Setup Wizard to receive customized instructions for getting direct connections working for you!

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