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 Use your own RSA encryption keys

 Prove your identity.

While encryption prevents accidental disclosure of your messages, files, etc., it does not provide identity verification. If someone guesses or steals your password, that person could masquerade as you! Using your own encryption keys allows you to establish your online identity, so that your contacts can be alerted if someone is trying to masquerade as you. Using your own keys also immunizes you from Man in the Middle Attacks.

To see how to use your own keys in BitWise and see some "action shots," see our BitWise RSA Key Information and Usage page. You can also view our Plus FAQ.

BitWise Plus additional capabilities

  • Blowfish encryption raised to 256-bit from 128-bit.
  • RSA encryption raised to 1024-bit from 512-bit.
  • You can use and re-use your own RSA keys rather than BitWise's randomly generated RSA keys.
  • Your contacts can view, save and compare your RSA key over time to validate your identity.
  • Your contacts are notified if your encryption keys change or are missing.
  • Mass messaging is enabled, allowing you to send a message to multiple people at once.
  • No image size limitation on conference whiteboards.

All of the BitWise Plus capabilities are included in Bitwise Professional at no charge.

Pricing / Purchase Information (or get a free 15 day trial!)

To upgrade to BitWise Plus, or receive a free 15 day trial, log in to Web Services and click on Plus.

BitWise Plus costs a one-time fee of $25 and requires that you already have a BitWise Personal username. BitWise Plus becomes associated with your username and travels wherever you log in and does not require a separate download.

No two-way requirement

Unlike other IM systems, your friends do not have to purchase Plus for them to use your public key or to benefit from the higher encryption. When you are a Plus user, everyone you talk to can store, view and verify your public key, and will use the higher encryption when talking with you (or another Plus user).

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