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 Run "without a trace" on a removable drive. (BitWise 1.7 or higher required.)

Take BitWise with you wherever you go

If you regularly use different computers, you can run Bitwise from a removable disk/drive without leaving any trace of BitWise on the host computer. You can even store your logs, encryption keys, contact icons, themes, shared files, and downloaded files on the removable disk/drive without worrying about the drive letter or path assigned to it on each computer. BitWise does this by storing files and folders using relative paths (when configured for mobility, see below).

BitWise's mobility works even when running on a mix of platforms! Your preferences are stored using platform-independent methods, meaning that you can put the Windows, Mac OS X and/or Linux versions on the same removable disk/drive. No matter which platform you're using at the moment, your settings are seamlessly loaded (except for a few platform-specific settings). Few programs can offer this level of mobility.

No additional software is required to run BitWise "without a trace." You can change one setting and everything is ready to go (in Setup, choose to store your preferences with the program). You can even export any existing preferences and import them after setting up your removable disk/drive.

BitWise for PocketPC / Windows Mobile

Unfortunately, BitWise is not yet available for PocketPC / Windows Mobile. BitWise is a large application that utilizes many advanced libraries, and support for these libraries has not yet matured in the Windows Mobile SDK (Software Development Kit). However, we are constantly revisiting the Windows Mobile SDK as new tools are available and as libraries are updated for greater compatibility.

At the time of this writing, the largest stumbling block is the Crypto++ library used for encryption, which does not compile against the Mobile SDK.

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You may also view the Windows or Linux presentations.

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