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"A tremendous tool, well done. Best value on the Internet!" - Shane McChesney, President, Nooro Online Research

Pricing Structure
Active UsersCost Per Month
First 20$4.00 / user
Next 40$3.00 / user
After 60$2.00 / user
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Cost for the month:

We understand the importance of value and have priced BitWise on a per-user basis so that you don't waste money for unneeded licenses. BitWise is a monthly service, like a telephone or ISP. You are billed only for how many users log in to BitWise during each month, and not for any inactive or unused accounts.

Our service pricing model benefits you in other ways that a traditional purchase-and-license software package does not:

  • Free, unlimited upgrades for all users
  • Free, unlimited technical support for all users
  • No long-term commitments or up-front purchase

We have a 99.9% uptime guarantee; you don't pay if we don't meet our obligation to you.

Payment Methods

We reserve the right to require appropriate documentation and/or conduct public records searches to verify an organization's status if applying for a not-for-profit or academic discount. For-profit education businesses (e.g. commercial test preparation) are not eligible for the Academic discount.

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You may also view the Linux or Mac presentations.

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