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 Keeping you, your data and your computer secure.

Protect yourself from IM-based attacks

More and more, the insecure public IM systems are being used by hackers and virus-writers to compromise your computer's security and your personal information (Study: Threat increases from IM-based attacks; Postini report: Worm attacks increased 1,700% in 2005). Whether you are using IM at home or in a business, you must protect yourself.

Using BitWise is a smart way to protect yourself from common IM threats. While no one can 100% guarantee your online safety, we have designed BitWise to be more secure by:

  • Requiring all users to provide a valid email address to receive a password and complete registration.
  • Keeping your user information private; you enter information into the public directory by choice. See Privacy.
  • Providing industry-standard seamless, automatic encryption that cannot be turned off. See Encryption.
  • Sending messages only from users logged in to the BitWise client or web site (no anonymous messaging).
  • Allowing you to run BitWise from a removable drive and leave no trace on the host computer. See Mobility.
  • Offering enhanced encryption that lets you use your own encryption keys to prove your online identity. See Keys.

Special considerations for Enterprise IM

In its October 2005 article 50-Cent Holes, CIO magazine identified three problems with using public, insecure IM for business:

"First, security: A consumer-grade IM client used on a corporate system will bypass all antivirus and spam software.
Second, compliance: Consumer-grade IM clients don't have auditing and logging capabilities for regulatory compliance.
And third, name-space control: If Big Bad Texan takes a job at your competitor, rest assured he's taking his IM name—and your key customers—with him."

BitWise Professional gives you the tools you need to control IM, addressing these very same issues:

  1. Your private IM network cannot have spam or malicious users, so there is no risk of introducting vulnerabilities into your network.
  2. Monitoring tools allow you to view usage, and BitWise offers a variety of logging options.
  3. Complete name-space control for those using your private IM network.

BitWise Professional is affordable, secure instant messaging, perfectly fitting the conclusion from Network Computing's July 2005 report Affordable IT: Securing Your IM Systems: "You just need to keep [instant messaging] secure without breaking the bank."

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