BitWise IM Professional solves small business instant messaging woes

OXFORD, OH - June 21st, 2005 - "No one else was providing secure instant messaging (IM) solutions for small businesses, so we filled that need," says BitWise Communications, LLC founder Kevin Hock. "In only a few minutes, a small business can set up a secure IM network with BitWise IM Professional for text messaging, file sharing, whiteboards, and more, without a long-term commitment."

Instant messaging allows rapid collaboration among users. IM is everywhere, but is often uncontrolled and insecure, leading to loss of confidential information or downtime from viruses and worms. BitWise prevents inadvertent disclosure that can occur on other IM systems by using Blowfish and RSA encryption. BitWise IM also provides each business with a private IM network, eliminating IM viruses, worms and spam.

How is BitWise IM different from other corporate messengers? With no contracts or up-front costs, BitWise IM is affordable for any size business. BitWise is a hosted service, meaning no server or costly IT support are needed. LAN/VPN connectivity is still achieved using exclusive Dual-IP Technology. Also, free unlimited upgrades and technical support are included for the lifetime of the account.

BitWise IM is available for every major platform, including Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, all compatible with each other. Professional accounts include a 30-day no-obligation trial. Prices begin at $4 per active user per month, with reduced rates at 20 and 80 users. Academic and not-for-profit discounts are also available.


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