Personal vs. Professional FAQ

Personal & Plus
Personal Use

Free; upgrade to Plus optional

Business Use

Learn More about Pro

Free for personal use only
Windows, Mac OS X and Linux compatible
Encrypts your conversations, files, etc.
No ads, no spyware, no sharing of personal information
Free, community-based support in the BitWise forums
Bitwise Plus: Use your own RSA encryption keys
Bitwise Plus: 1024-bit RSA and 256-bit Blowfish encryption
Private IM Network for your organization
Strong Blowfish encryption up to 448-bit
VPN connectivity with Dual-IP Technology
Optional Public Access Web Signup (PAWS) (Example)
Free, unlimited private technical support
Pricing adjusts automatically to give you the best rate
30-day no-obligation trial period included

You are viewing the Windows presentation of BitWise IM.
You may also view the Linux or Mac presentations.

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