BitWise Version History

For no other reason than "because we can," we decided to name BitWise versions after some of our favorite drinks. The rule of thumb is that all releases with the same name will all work with each other. New names are created and issued when there has been significant new functionality added, and once the server is upgraded to a new name, all clients must be upgraded.

VersionRelease DateMajor Changes
Island Tide Series
1.7.3June 25, 2007Windows Vista fixes, IP handling improvements, bug fixes
1.7.2June 19, 2006New alert sounds, better IP detection, bug fixes
1.7.1March 2, 2006Mac universal binary, wxWidgets updates, bug fixes
1.7December 19, 2005Auto. UDP, reduced lag, removable drives, message num. sync 8, 2005TCP NAT punching, whiteboard palette, popup placement, bug fixes
1.0.6October 11, 2005BitWise Plus, UPnP on XP, multi-file requests, new icons, UI cleaning 27, 2005Tiger popups fix, better incoming file folder handling, bug fixes
1.0.5June 14, 2005New icons, improved corner popups, whiteboard enhancments
1.0.4May 5, 2005Whiteboard enhancements, simpler preferences, new names
1.0.3Sept. 30, 2004Voice, OS X improved, file auto-resume, custom alerts
1.0.2July 6, 2004Prefs overhaul, PC idle, better log viewer, Linux improvements
1.0.1April 21, 2004Log viewer, XML logging, shared file tree, toolbars
1.0.0March 2, 2004Improved appearance, translations, Mac OS X version, polish
Harvest Moon Series 18, 2004Whitelisting, user search, whiteboard upgrades, UI fixes 10, 2003Complete rewrite: new UI, crossplatform, tons of new features

The versions below are from the pre-wxWidgets era, when BitWise was still Windows-only. These versions looked and functioned rather differently than the current versions, but they are still very important in the evolution and growth of BitWise. Though these changes are no longer relevant, they are still fun, and are left for the enjoyment and nostalgia of our long-time users.

VersionRelease DateMajor Changes
Fire and Ice Series 16, 2003Minor bug fixes, better stored-user management 15, 2003Significant UI improvements, minor bug fixes
0.2.1April 21, 2003Private groups, time zones, chat room improvements
Emerald Forest Series 30, 2003Chat rooms, improved privacy and direct connect status 4, 2003Status Popus, Graceful Exits/Power Handling 17, 2003Threading, Proxy Impoved, UI Additions, Buddy Blocking 23, 2003UI, Profile, File Transfer & Detached Enhancements 30, 2002Proxy Improvements, Tweaks from .2.0.x 17, 2002UI Improvements, Tweaks from .2.0.0
0.2.0December 8, 2002Encryption, Improved Connections, Faster, Message Counts
Deidru Series 1, 2002Typing notifications, improved consistency, fixes 12, 2002Clickable URLs, file transfer units, minor changes and fixes 29, 2002Login status added, UI improvements, fixes & tweaks 15, 2002Detached mode fixes, direct connect fixes, hang fixes 6, 2002File transfers fixed, direct connect status, auto-login 25, 2002Buddy searching, touchups 16, 2002Fonts, default macros, preference overhauls 10, 2002Cleanups, file transfers more user friendly 1, 2002Bug fixes, groups work better
0.1.7June 29, 2002Buddy groups, faster logins
Caribbean Breeze Series 12, 2002Minor bug fixes 27, 2002Locally stored buddy lists, custom away messages per buddy
0.1.6May 11, 2002Proxy server, massive client code overhauls
Bourbon Black Hawk Series 29, 2002Cleaned up detachment, always on top 26, 2002Detached mode, resizable windows 22, 2002Buddy status icons, reorganizing buddy lists 18, 2002Macros, menu changes 12, 2002Crash fixes, speed improvement 10, 2002Offline message email forwarding
0.1.5April 9, 2002Storing away messages
Alabama Slammer Series 5, 2002Bug fixes
0.1.4April 3, 2002File transfers
0.1.3March 27, 2002Profiles and sound
0.1.2March 24, 2002Preferences!
Gin and Tonic Series 20, 2002More bug fixes, slight code change
0.1.1March 18, 2002Minor bug fixes, including "walking color" problem
0.1March 17, 2002First private alpha to be sent to a select group of testers

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