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The Setup window is divided into three major sections:

Server Setup area
Server Setup area
BitWise Server 
Enter the address of the BitWise server, in most cases this will be You can use the BitWise Routing Server for complete isolation in BitWise Professional, see Using the BitWise Routing Server for Complete Isolation.
Network ID 
Enter your Network ID, which is 0 for BitWise Personal or Plus. Each BitWise Professional Network has a unique Network ID.
Routing Server 
If you are using the BitWise Routing Server to manage connections for multiple computers connect to a router, enter its address and port here.
Connection & Router Configuration area
Connection & Router Configuration area
Current LAN IP 
Your LAN IP address is used to connect to other users on your LAN. Clicking Detect LAN IP will do its best to auto-detect your LAN IP address, but if you need to manually override it, click Override LAN IP.
Use secondary listener for automatic router/NAT traversal 
A second listening port is used for TCP Punching. Disabling this setting will also disable TCP Punching. 0 will use a random port, or you can assign a specific port.
Use UPnP to automatically control port forwarding on a router 
UPnP technology allows PCs on a home network to control some routers for easier network configuration. Windows XP only.
Allow BitWise to respond to dial-up events 
This setting lets BitWise automatically connect to the Internet when you ask to log in. Also, if the connection is lost, BitWise will automatically detach and then reconnect to the server when a connection is re-established. Windows only.
Startup & Other Options area
Startup & Other Options area
Store preferences 
Tell BitWise where to store your preferences.
  • in the registry: in HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/BitWise. Windows only.
  • in my home folder: in the folder identified by Windows as your "home" folder. Windows only.
  • in a "dot" file: in .BitWise in ~. On most systems, this would be /home/user/.BitWise. Linux only.
  • in my Preferences folder: in Home/Library/Preferences/BitWise Preferences. Mac OS X only.
  • with the program: alongside BitWise itself, useful for Running BitWise "Without a Trace" on a Removable Drive.
Show login window immediately when BitWise is run 
Sometimes you may want to start BitWise but not show the login window right away. Uncheck this option to start BitWise and not show the login window.
Load BitWise when the computer boots 
Set BitWise to run automatically each time your computer boots up. Windows only.
Removes names from the dropdown on the login window 
If you want to remove a name from the dropdown on the login window, select the name from the list here and click Remove. This action cannot be undone, though the name will be re-added the next time that user logs in again.