Using Contact Options

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The contact list is your command center for managing the options for all of your contacts. This document describes all of the options available when you right-click on any contact in your contact list. Wherever we say "this user" it refers the selected user.

The screenshots here break up the menu, from top to bottom.

Table of contents

View contact information

The first options allow you to view live or stored information about the selected contact.

  • View Status/Profile: A user's status includes information about how long they have been online, when they went away, etc, and also displays the user-supplied profile (freeform information entered by the other user).
  • View Log: If enabled, display all of the automatically logged conversations with this user.
  • View URL History: If enabled, display all links sent by this user in the URL History viewer.
  • View Directory Info: Show the server-stored directory information entered by this user such as name, address, phone number, web site, etc.

Contact actions

These items match the items on the Actions menu in a conversation.

  • Send File: Send a file to this user. Learn more about Using File Transfers.
  • Get Shared File List: See a list of files being shared by this user. Learn more about Using File Sharing.
  • Voice Chat: Start a voice conversation with this user. Learn more about Using Voice Chat.
  • Get Active Conferences: See if this user is hosting and sharing any conferences. Learn more about Using Conferences.
  • Invite to Conference: Invite this user to one of your conferences (or create a new one).

Direct Connections

BitWise uses direct connections for communication, and occasionally you may need to alter the direct connection status. Learn more about Direct Connection Configuration.

  • Reset Connection: If you are directly connected to this user, closes the direct connection. If you can't direct connect, clears the connection status and allows you to try again to make a direct connection.
  • Disable Direct Connect: Disables direct connections with this user. This can be useful if this user is on a flakey connection that keeps dropping out.

Contact-specific options

These options control options specific to this user in terms of you and/or BitWise interacts with this user. All of these options can also be set for an entire group by right-clicking on that group.

  • Visibility: Set yourself as Always Visible, Always Invisible, or Block this user. See Visibility for more information about these options.
  • File Sharing: Override the default file sharing options for this user. You can allow this user to see your shared files and optionally also set file requested to be auto-approved, or you can disallow your files to be shared with this user.
  • Auto-Receive: Override the default file auto-receive setting.
  • Custom Away Message: Specify a different away message for this user. Note that this does not alter your status to this user (you will still only show as away to this user when in away status). All custom away messages are cleared when you log off.
  • Disable Status Alerts: Turns of all popup and sound alerts for this user.
  • Set/Remove Custom Alert: Show a special popup window or play a custom sound to alert you when this contact is online or available.

Contact Name

Manage this user and the displayed name.

  • Copy Name to Clipboard: Copy this user's name to the clipboard.
  • Restore Original Name: BitWise allows you to rename your contacts with an alias for easier identification. Use this option to restore the original name.
  • Rename: Provide an alias for this user.
  • Remove: Remove this user from your contact list.