Using Offline Message E-mail Forwarding

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BitWise allows you to send messages to users who are offline for them to retrieve the next time they log in. You can set up your offline messages to be automatically sent to your email, even a cell phone email adress so that you can receieve your offline messages anywhere, anytime.

Table of contents

Open Offline E-mail Preferences

Preference Tree
Preference Tree

First, open the preferences. The preferences are accessible under the File menu of the contact list, and from a few other places as well. In the list of preferences on the left, click on Offline E-mail.

Configure Offline E-mail Options

Offline E-mail Preferences (View Uncropped Image)
Offline E-mail Preferences (View Uncropped Image)

From / Format

  • Send offline messages from: The only option needing explaining here is Only contacts set to 'always visible'. Using the visibility setting for your contacts, you can create a filter of those users from whom you want to receive offline e-mail.
  • E-mail Format: Offline messages are sent to e-mail every 15 minutes. Digest format is recommended, putting all messages received in that 15 minute window into one e-mail. Choosing individual messages will send each offline message in its own separate e-mail.

E-mail Properties

  • E-mail to, from, subject: Enter your e-mail address (where you want the messages sent), who you would like the e-mail to appear from, and the subject for the emails. Specifying a specific subject or from name makes it easy for your e-mail program to filter BitWise offline messages sent to e-mail.
  • Max daily: If you have limits on your e-mail address as to how many messages you can receive, be sure to specify a low limit for daily offline e-mails. The daily counter resets at about 4:00 am EST.
  • Current count: Shows how many offline e-mail messages have been sent during the current day. If you want to set it to a lower (or higher) value, you can manually adjust it.